Epicure Consultant – 1 year later

1st year anniversary

It’s been one year since I signed up to become an Epicure Consultant.

Epicure is based out of BC and has healthy food, time-saving cookware, and meals you can make in 20 minutes or less.

I signed up for Epicure with no intention of having an Epicure Business. I looked at the price of the kit and knew it was cheaper for me to get a discount on the food.products if I purchased the kit vs purchasing retail. the business kit is an exceptional value and you get $250 dollars of food for $99 USD/$125 CDN! I purchased the kit randomly in a trade (the other person purchased the kit from the company I was with) and I didn’t think anything of it. I actually did nothing for the first few weeks as I tried to find my path after I closed the clothing store.
I knew I wanted a flexible job that I could work around my kids’ schedules but I was exploring other businesses and opportunities.

cooking class
Cooking class

I then tried the Mexican Kit from Epicure and thought oh this is actually delicious and my family loved it. ❤ Everyone ate it and I thought hey I’m on to something!
Shortly after I looked at the business kit I had thrown into the corner and realized ohh this is the path I should be taking.
I then made the decision and went for it. The person I signed up with left Epicure immediately after I signed up and a nice person who was my Epicure Leader at the time (now a Senior Director) phoned me to see if I needed help starting out. Have you ever done the strength-finders test? My number one strength is competition and I immediately looked at the fast start program and thought there are a lot of opportunities to make some money here. I then worked and hit a lot of the fast start bonuses and I became a leader within 6 months without ever having an in-person cooking class and built my business online. I even had the CEO of Amelia Warren come over and have an in-person cooking class with me at my house.

I lost 10 pounds in the last year and will be training for a marathon again. Very slowly, lol it’s a lot of runs and walking right now.

playing with the kids
Playing in the alleys with the kids

Since the pandemic has started and everyone has shifted their businesses online I’m so thankful I already had an online business helping bring Epicure to everyone in Canada and the US.

When I started Epicure we were just opening up in the US and now I have an amazing team of 36 Epicure Consultants that is growing daily. The team is across Canada and US ranging from busy professionals, accountants, graphic designer, busy new mom, and newly retired. They are everywhere including, New York, Las Vegas, and from Vancouver to Newfoundland.

Some of the team members
Some of the amazing team members who have joined since I started.

I’m so thankful that I have found friendships, made money, created a job for myself, and have dropped my other businesses, and Epicure has truly changed my life.

If you are interested in joining Epicure we would love to have you!

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