Tips for Epicure Consultants – how to come up with social media ideas

how to come up with your own content

Direct Sales/Social selling is a beautiful thing because you have low entry fees to get started. When you start your company (or in my case Epicure) gives you lots of tools, training and resources to help you succeed.

Once you sign up and become a consultant congrats! But what do you post on social media? Your Facebook Business page, Instagram, or any other channel.

Create your own unique content don’t copy. Create your own unique content don’t plagiarize.

When you copy and use other people’s content and images it negatively impacts the person they are copying and yourself. Eg. copying someone’s work this is simply google will trigger the double content as plagirism and both sites will be dinged. Plus the legal ramifications of copying someone’s work. So write your own content and posts.

Reusing images – if you start to reuse other people’s images and content not only does the image quality go down with reusing Jpg but Facebook doesn’t like it and you could get flagged by then get flagged for being spammer and thrown into Facebook Jail (where FB thinks you are spamming people) and lose temp access. Once a well known direct sales company released a never before company-wide special. They released special images and texts that their reps could use. All the reps used it and guess what? FB said hey what’s happening and marked it all as spam!

How do I create my own content?

Take photos of what you are doing!

Share what you are eating! If you are an Epicure Consultant you are always making tasty meals. Take a nice picture of you making it, the finished project, and make sure the space is clear. Here is a great example we took on my partner’s iPhone and then I added my watermark on to the bottom.

Epicure dinner

Here is another example (pre-social distancing) where we attendned a soccer game. No this isn’t a food picture, but people love to talk about other things like sports, what they were doing etc.


Can I use other people’s photos?

Epicure Head Office provides some photos in your back office that are free to use on social media. The general rule is to not use photos that you don’t have permission to use. Don’t use random photos you find on Facebook groups, google image searches, or anything else unless the consultant or the person has given you permission. A great example is sometimes a customer will share a photo of me that they have made and I will ask them if it’s okay to use.

Can I use stock photos?

There are amazing websites that have lots of good stock photos you can use. Make sure you have permission to use them whenever they are free stock photos or ones that you have paid for.

Stock Photos
This paid photo is from Pixistock

Blog Content how do I come up with ideas?

Don’t use ideas from other blogs. Instead, feature and do reviews on your products. Do you love Epicure Mac and Cheese? Write a post on it. Was a new team member asking you about something and you thought hey I get this question a lot! Make a blog post about it. The blog posts you can make are endless, and if you need more inspiration, try google and google trends.

You can also use answerthepublic and see what people are using. Also look at all the free SEO tools out there like Ubersuggest.

Interested in learning more? Danielle Lewis, a graphic designer and also an Independent consultant will be doing a Canva 101 training.


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