Introducing Jenn Moore – Epicure Consultant

Epicure Consultant Jenn Moore

This series features some of the amazing Epicure Consultants on my team that you can join! Today’s profile Features an Epicure Consultant in Vancouver Jenn Moore. If you are looking for a consultant in BC or Vancouver Jenn is your gal!

Why did you Join Epicure?

I am a Personal Trainer and Health Coach -Epicure makes it easy for me to help my clients work healthy eating into their lives through quick, easy meals that can be modified to work with any meal plan

What is your favourite workout?

FemSport – it’s a ladies Strength and Athleticism competition. The training is just the right balance of building functional strength with endurance


How do you Balance Epicure around your lifestyle?

I love to cook and talk food, it motivates me to find the foods I love and then make a healthier version of it  – Epicure has been a big part of the process for over 10 years so sharing it with others is just a natural extension of what I already do!

What is your avdvice for anyone who is brand new and starting Epicure?

 1) Be patient with youself – you can not learn it all in 1 day. 2) Start with sharing why you love using Epicure and how it makes sense in your world.

What is your favourite Epicure Meal?

 Hands down Guacamole – I never have less than 3 jars in the house. I put it on everything! My favorite meal solution is the Pulled Chicken Seasoning or the Butter Chicken, it really depends on the day!

What do you like to do for fun?

 Workout, Hike, read, learn and cook

Epicure Consultant
Epicure Consultant in Vancouver Jenn Moore

What is the best part about being an Epicure consultant?

 I get to share food with people all the time, I love helping them find new favorites and learning to make healthier versions of what they love so they never have to feel deprived.

Where do you see yourself and your Epicure business in 6 months’ time? I’m hoping to have my own team of 3-6 people,  consistently hitting sales of $3000/month by continuing to bring the gift of clean eating to everyone I meet.

Epicure Consultant Vancouver

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