My favourite Epicure Recipes


I love trying new recipes and Epicure makes things easy to make. But there are also a few go to recipes that I always come back to and we end up eating every week! So here it is. My top go-to recipes that my family seems to keep coming back to.

My favourite Epicure Recipes 3

General Tao

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I like this one because I can easily swap out the vegetables and we seem to have a lot of chicken breasts on hand!

My favourite Epicure Recipes 4

Chocolate Pudding

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The kids love this one and it’s super quick and easy and a healthy version of other ones on the market.



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They don’t call it Taco Tuesday for nothing. Grab your favourite Epicure Taco mix and use it on Tuesday’s!

My favourite Epicure Recipes 5

Sheet Pan meals

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Throw some veggies in meat on an Epicure Sheet Pan and Bake and roll for an easy supper.

My favourite Epicure Recipes 6

Sheppard’s Pie

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This seasonal favourite is great to make in winter and easy!

My favourite Epicure Recipes 7

Mango Lassi drink

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