My Direct Sales Morning Routine

My Direct Sales morning routine

I get up at 5am.

Yep you heard that right. 5am! This is why. I can get work done before anyone wakes up and feel like I have done something before anyone gets up.

I sneak down (so no one hears me cause of kids) and between 5 am-6 am I get to work. Here’s the trick to getting work done. Do not open FB and scroll, do not open your emails. This precious time is your time to get your work done. If you open your email you instantly start thinking and wanting to respond to people but this time is your precious time.

I make some coffee because it’s so early in the morning and work on my to-do list. In the COVID times I now have a very small to-do list of maybe one or two things. Then at 5:50am-6:00am I start writing out my goals and really getting into a visualization of them as if I was in that goal. Eg. I am now an Epicure Leader but I would like to be a director. (My ultimate goal is Global director). I’m visualizing myself in the director title, having my feet in the sand on the beach because I earned Jamaica, having a team of 1001. I also imagine very specific details like I open up my reports and see that I have 1000s on my team and everyone is achieving massive success!

So my to do list might be something like this.

  1. Send a follow up thank you email to Jane my customer
  2. Write a blog post

I also listen to motivational podcasts and also a coaching call at 6am with Hina Khan

I then meditate for 15 minutes (this one is a moving target depending on when kids get up) and also I try to go for a run. But its not always consistent!

How to start getting up early

My Direct Sales Morning Routine 3

Set your alarm and get up earlier

Do it gradually. You can start setting your alarm a bit earlier (eg half an hour) so you can give yourself time to adjust to it! I didn’t just wake up at 5am one day it was gradual to 6am and then I made it 5am so I could get more accomplished.

Go to be earlier

If you go to bed at midnight you won’t be able to get up early and you will feel awful. Start winding down your bed routine earlier so you can get to bed earlier! Start putting away the screens, party music and other things that aren’t going to help you prepare for bed.

Think about what you want

Know your why. Why do you want to achieve your goals? What is your goal? Keep that in mind when you are working on getting up early so you are motivated to keep it up!

Hope this helps and if you are joining my team I can go into in-depth and tell you more!

My Direct Sales Morning Routine 4
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