50 quarantine activities for kids

50 activities to do with kids

We are going on day 110 or something crazy at this point and I wanted to document all the things I’ve been doing with my kids. Hopefully some of these tasks will keep your little ones busy for 5 minutes or more. ๐Ÿ™‚

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50 Quarantine Activities for kids

  1. Get out of a deck cards and teach them Go fish or matching game Or reach them to be a card shark and hustler so when they grow up they can win games at casinos (kidding)

2. Get out the pillow covers and let them have a sack race Clear a path so they don’t fall down!

3.Blow bubbles in the backyard

4.Build a fort out of pillows. Or for advanced fun buy the crazy fort kit from Caribou gifts. I actually bought two of them and they have been making them into different shapes.

5. Facetime Grandma, Grandpa or a loved one

phoning grandma and grandpa
Phoning grandparents

6. Read a book or several. Check out my list of books I’ve been reading to them.

7. Look outside for birds and document which ones you see

8. Do an inside scavenger hunt for kids. CBC Parents had one that they liked. They can run around looking for toothbrushes and garbage cans.

9. Make banana muffins – This gluten free Epicure one is a crowd favourite.

10. reak out the dice and let them roll a bunch and add up the numbers.

11.Write a letter or draw a picture and then mail it.

12. Get out a muffin pan, put in the sun with different objects (rock, chocolate, coin etc) and see what melts.

13. Take their stuffies and count them all and put them on the bed.

14. Pretend the floor is lava and put pillows on the floor and they have to stay on the pillows, couch, chairs etc.

15. Make Epicure Chocolate pudding – this one was super easy for kids to make.

Chocolate pudding
The kids making Epicure Chocolate pudding

16. Cosmic Kids Yoga -teach them some yoga moves

Yoga moves!
The kids doing cosmic kids yoga

17. Get out the laundry baskets and let them to pretend to be a turtle

kid under the laundry basket
There is a kid under that laundry basket.

18.Plant something and teach them to water and check on it

19. Play with water balloons.

20. Break out your Halloween outfits and wear them around

21. Have a tea party

22.Play store and sell things around the house

23. Have your own road race. Block off an area and let them run and pretend they are in real race. Bonus points if you have a race medel you can give them. Or if you ar like me and you set it all up with shirts, and then the race medal br

24. Cut out and make masks in paper with different animals

25. Play with cardboard boxes. Make castles, choose your own adventures or have a pretend hamster, name him an make him a hamster house

26. Let them go through a cookbook with you (or the Epicure website under kids cooking) and pick out things they want to eat. Then they can help you create a grocery list.

27.Let them help you sort the colours and put thing into the laundry.

28. Start a wish jar and anytime they want to do something that you can’t because of the virus you put in into the jar. Warning these will make you cry.

29. Make and create your own pizzas. If you need a DIY Gluten-free pizza crust and kid sized pans I have a few in stock

30. Have them join you in your workout session

31. Break out the lego and Duplo and build things like towers, bridges

32. Create your own obstacle course using things in your house or outside.

33. Make chalk art using tape and chalk or grab a canvas and do the same thing with tape!

paint with tape
Art projects with kids

34. Teach them a different language!

35. Watch and move to go Noodle

36. Go on a nature walk or a walk in a new area

37. Break out the paper and crayons and get them to draw specific things. Like decorate your own mask, make a rainbow flag or draw your favourite thing to do.

38. Paint! Bonus if it’s messy and use different objects like pinecones

39. Put them to work and make them clean and dust around the house

40. Hide easter eggs around the house and make them search for it. Or if you don’t have eggs pick something else!

41. Teach them about mindfulness and meditate

42. Colour, paint and decorate rocks

43. DIY craft kits. I bought a few of Caribou gifts including making your own soap and lip balm. It required a lot of supervision but fun

44. Play with shadow puppets

45. Sing along to Music With Drew

46. Get out the masking tape and make your own obstacle course inside

obstacle course inside

47. Take some stuffies that are normally inside toys and go for a walk

48. Get out the sprinkler, hose and play outside with water

49.Make your own DIY Spa day with cucumber slices, face masks, cut their nails and have a bubble bath

50. Freeze tiny figures into ice and let them break it!

things into ice

51. Break out the iPad, tv, and give yourself a big tasty drink. You are a rockstar for keeping kids alive and busy for that long!

cooking with kids
We have been doing a lot of cooking!

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