Epicure Falafel mix

Epicure Falfaels

It’s been 4 months of COVID life and it’s officially summer. But I’ve taken it on myself to keep trying to teach my kids something so it’s a shock when we go back to school. One cool lesson I’m been doing is different foods and festivals in the world.

One of the books talked about how they eat falafels and Benjamin said I want to make it and eat it! Even know he’s had one before I wanted to recreate it because if a kid is interested in something let’s go for it!

Epicure makes a really easy to use falafel mix out of chickpea flour. It’s so easy to make that I can use some hot water and lemon juice and then form little balls. Then boom you have some easy meals.

It is made with traditional flavors including garlic, onion and cumin. One package makes 12

Epicure Falafel mix
Epicure Falafel mix

This was my finished lunch. The great thing about the Falafel mix is you can make so many things with it.

Another easy recipe to make is a bowl! A nourish or grain bowl is an easy thing to this grain bowl! You can easily change up what is in it below.

Epicure Falafel bowl

I think this would also be a great freezer meal as well where you could make a bunch freeze and have it ready to make. They can be baked or pan-fried. I also love it is vegetarian and a good meatless Monday meal.


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