Selling Epicure the Pros and Cons

pros and cons of selling Epicure

Are you trying to decide if you should become an Epicure Consultant? Here are the pros and cons of selling Epicure


You get to see new products first

Do you know that consultants get to see what is launching before the public and get to order it? It’s a great perk of being a consultant and at the Leader level and above you get a nice perk of being able to get the items even earlier! For example, when our new season launches in September the consultants will get a sneak preview in August.

We are in US and Canada

Epicure is in more than one country! You can sell Epicure to Americans and Canadians and you can also have team members in both countries as well.

No cap on sales

The sky is the limit here with the commission. If you would like to sell 10,000 dollars of product one month to make a sales goal then that’s $2,500 in commission. You can sell as much as you would like. Your commission starts at 25%

You can run your business from your phone

The plus side of Direct Sales is that you can run it completely from your mobile phone. I actually like working from a laptop but you have the option of just doing everything from your mobile phone which is great to be able to work when you want.

work from home
Me working from home

You don’t have to mail your own items

You don’t carry the inventory or the risks of having inventory either! Everything gets shipped from the Warehouse in Canada or USA so once your customers buy something you don’t have to send it!

My daughter Ella with inventory! I was going to a pop-up and this is all the clothes I was bringing.

Flexible hours

This isn’t a 9-5 job and you can work your business directly from your phone on your own terms. Many of my team members have a full-time job and work their Epicure business around it.

Low Start up costs

Epicure doesn’t require you to carry inventory and the costs of the kit are $125 CDN or $99 USD. Everything else you buy is optional like business cards, table cloth for vendor events, ring lights for live videos.


Success can take time

Like all businesses, an Epicure business can take time to grow! This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You will have to make some time to grow and sell your products, the business won’t run itself.

No guarantees on how much money you can make

This isn’t a job that has a salary or hourly rate. This could be a con if you were looking for an hourly job or want to work 9-5. If you are looking for a steady income where you know exactly what is coming in (eg 16 an hour) this might be for you.

There are other consultants

Unlike having your own business there are you have other consultants selling the same product as you. P.S. My teammates are trained on Branding and standing out from the rest.

You have to follow Consultant rules

Like any franchise owner or direct sales owner, you have to follow the rules of Epicure and the policy and procedures.

You sign up with someone and don’t jive with the Leader/team

I love direct sales because you get to pick your own team and leader. I’ve had many people reach out to me asking for help and I don’t have the capacity to train them and help them because I’m training my own business. If you want a Leader who is 100% online, a leader in recruitment, and loves social media come to join us.

If you are still interested in selling Epicure please don’t hesitate to contact me below.

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