Build an easy grain bowl

How to make an grain bowl

Want to learn how to build an easy grain bowl? Keeping reading! Grain bowls are a healthy one-dish meal that you can make for yourself. It’s a healthy, a great way to use fresh ingredients or leftover rice!

Grain bowls are also called Nourish Bowls or Buddha bowls and have many names but all have the same base. The recipes and ideas below are using Epicure products that are gluten-free, nut-free, 90% non-GMO and available in Canada and the US.

No recipe needed

Okay I’m the type who hates following instructions. My husband is the type who opens up a package and reads all the instructions where I’m there touching everything attempting to build without

Build a base

The first thing you need is a base. Some ideas are cooked quinoa, couscous, rice, rice noodles, sweet potato (if you are trying to reduce carbs). Rice usually becomes my go-to because it’s easy to make!

Add a protein

Add an easy lean protein. Some ideas are roasted chickpeas, cooked sliced chicken, cooked salmon, tofu blocks, tempeh, black beans, cooked steak, eggs, lentils. Some easy things you can add using Epicure products are our pulled chicken, Fajita seasoning on chicken, Falfael, Veggie burger

A grain bowl
A grain bowl I made!

Add Veggies

Bring on the veggies! You can add lots of delicious veggies like baby kale, cucumber, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, peppers, bok choy, cooked carrot or broccoli, mixed greens, olives, corn, red onion, edamame, strawberries. If you are looking at roasting some veggies first in the oven you can add some of our vegetable seasoning

Healthy Fats

Add a few healthy fats! You can add some things like nuts of our Epicure Salad dressings that are easy to make like Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing, Greek, Sesame Dressing, Sesame Ginger or our Guacamole


Epicure has some fun toppers you can use like Garlic Onion Nutritional Yeast Topper, Smoky Roasted better than Bacon, It contains inactive nutritional yeast offering a source of 8 essential vitamins & minerals.

Make it Kid Friendly

Feeding small children or picky adults? Don’t put the bowl together! It does require a lot more bowls and dishes but keep all the ingredients in separate dishes and let them pick what they want inside their own bowl! Or at least that’s my secret for my little tiny people. Epicure has a few bowls you can use as well.

Portion Control

If you are looking at portion control and want to make sure it’s balanced you can use the Epicure scoops to measure everything so you don’t go crazy on carbs (or at least that’s what I would do. Yum)

Add it all together and you have a Delicious meal that is great for lunch or dinner!

Grain bowl recipes.

Need some inspiration? Check out these Epicure recipes

grain bowl

Salmon Bowl

Easy to prep

Salmon, lentils, blueberries. This bowl has it all.

Build an easy grain bowl 3

Falafel Bowl

This will change your life

I can’t get enough of the Epicure Falafels because they are so easy to make and delicious!

power bowl

Power Bowl

Roasted Veggies!

This one uses roasted veggies for a delicious meal!

grilled steak bowl

Grilled Steak bowl

Perfect for summer

The perfect bowl for August. Grill up the steak, use some fresh local ingredients and you have this yummy bowl.

veggie nourish bowl

Veggie Bowl

Vegan friends unite!

The veggie burgers can be made into little sliders and turned into this bowl. Great for vegans!

pulled chicken bown

Pulled Chicken Bowl

Cook once eat twice

Make this chicken in the slow cooker, have it for dinner and then eat it again the next day!

Build an easy grain bowl 4

Want some easy recipes?

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