Epicure Consultant Benefits

Epicure Consultant Benefits

What are the benefits of being an Epicure Consultant? If you are reading this you might be debating about signing up for Epicure.

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Epicure Kit

The Epicure business kit itself has $259 USD or $294 CDN worth of products in it! It’s worth it to get it because you are paying $99USD / $125 CDN.

Perks including free food

Epicure has benefits and specials for consultants like this summer they had an incentive where you could earn branded items like a free beach towel or free food!


Make some extra money. Epicure consultant commission starts at 25% and goes up from there. Not a bad perk! You also get paid weekly.

Never Pay full Price again

Epicure Consultants get their commission back on each product they buy for personal use (so think of the 25% as a rebate!) You will have access to delicious healthy food and never pay retaili again.

See new products first!

Epicure Consultants to get to see the new products launching each season before customers and order them! Also, Epicure Consultants at the leadership level get to have a season launch kit for free! It’s a great perk!


This might be a cheesy perk but you will make friends with Epicure! You will get to know your teammates and it’s nice to have others to interact with!


Epicure Consultants get to participate in online training, Epicure Conferences in different destinations. At the leader Level and Senior Direct Level, there are other perks and trips! Also as a member of my team, you will have access to tons of training run by me and my team.

Epicure Incentive Trips

Epicure gives all consultants a chance to earn incentive trips every year! Trips in the past have included Disney, Portugal, and Mexico.

No website fees

Other companies make you pay for a website each month. There are no website fees with Epicure.

Digital Marketing Materials

Epicure will help you and it’s great if you are starting out with pictures that you can use on your social media channels.

We are Global

Epicure is in the USA and Canada! You can sell to both markets and build team members from both as well.

Lifestyle bonuses

While other companies have car programs Epicure gives you cash when you reach Senior Director and above. Wouldn’t it be great to have cash that you can do whatever you wanted with?

Join a winning team

When you join my team the trailblazers you get an amazing team with weekly training, a support group and more! I’m an award-wining consultant winning 2nd in Rookie of the Year and 2 in Recruiting! My team and I are ready to support you.

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