Epicure Mud Pie

Epicure Mud Pie

I finally got around to making the Epicure Mud Pie, which was the Epicure June special.

If you have been following along and reading all my blogs (it’s cool if you haven’t, I’m okay with this). But I’m not a baker and I’ve never made a pie. I like to eat them but I don’t like to follow instructions at all LOL so this was a first.

This pie was super easy to make. I bought a granola pie crust and used coconut milk. I also used lactose free yougurt as well.

My kids and I ate it up but one thing I was a bit creeped out about was the texture of the cake. Definitely because of the yogurt that I used!

The fun part is you can add some whipped cream on top or put whole food topper.

Another idea for the recipe is the mini chocolate pies. This looks delicious and easy to make. Get the recipe here.

mini chocolate pies

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Epicure Chocolate Mud Pie

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