Epicure Pulled Chicken

Looking for an easy meal you can make in the slow cooker that your family will love? Try the Epicure Pulled Chicken! The Epicure pulled chicken is great because you can set it and forget it.

Epicure Pulled Chicken

Here are some easy recipes you can use with Pulled Chicken!

Pulled Chicken Tacos! Use it for Taco Tuesday and change up your tacos. Find the recipe here
Pulled Chicken Tacos

Pulled Chicken Soup

Yum, who doesn’t love a delicious soup!? Get the recipe here

Pulled Chicken Soup

Chicken Salad

Great for leftovers and a nice hot summer day with fresh tomatoes. Get the recipe here

Chicken Salad

Want some easy recipes?

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pulled chicken

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Epicure Pulled Chicken 2
Epicure Pulled Chicken 3
Pulled Chicken Seasoning Recipe

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