Epicure Sweet Garlic Chicken Seasoning

sweet garlic

A new meal solution for FAll 2020 the Epicure sweet Garlic Chicken seasoning is here! This product includes delicious seasonings that can be combined with a few simple ingredients to get a quick dinner really fast!

This product is non-GMO-Kosher and vegan (if you add a different protein like tofu).

We tested it out in my test kitchen and decided to use sweet potatoes like the product suggested and chicken fillets. You can easily switch up the vegetables and tofu if you aren’t a chicken fan.

It was a super hot day where I am (Toronto, Canada) and I didn’t want to turn the oven on to make this. Then I remembered that we can take a sheet pan and put it on the bbq! So I cut up the potatoes, added the chicken and then added the Epicure Sweet Garlic Chicken seasoning.

Then I put it on the BBQ and the results were delicious! See the photo below of the Epicure Sweet Garlic Chicken. Delicious!

Epicure Sweet and Garlic Chicken

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Epicure Sweet Garlic Chicken Seasoning 3


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