Epicure Home Style Chicken Stew

Epicure home style chicken stew

The Epicure Home Style Chicken Stew is here. I’m so excited about this easy stew because it’s a quick lunch.

This stew-like all of Epicure products are gluten-free and doesn’t have any additives. You can make this stew in 20 minutes or less with the Epicure Steamer and you don’t have to use chicken! You can easily replace it with mushroom.

Recipe ideas

Home Style Chicken Stew – Surf and Turf – Get the recipe here Add some shrimp and change up the stew!

Epicure Home Style Chicken Stew 3

Chicken Pot Pie

Add a puff pastry and make a pot pie. Or put it into a pie crust! I’m a big fan of this one!

Chicken pot pie

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