Epicure Compensation Plan

Epicure Compensation Plan

Anne is an Independent Epicure Consultant. The Epicure Compensation Plan is subject to change. Earnings are based on each Epicure Consultants’ personal work, time, ambition, and personal skills. I can not guarantee that you will have similar results Results are based on individual efforts and results may vary.

The Epicure Compensation plan is a guide for you of how much you can earn with Epicure. Whatever your goals are with Epicure there is room for everyone whenever you just want some tasty food for your friends and family and pay for a home renovation or you want this as your full-time job and make 6 figures.

Epicure Fast Start to Program

When you start Epicure they have a fast start to success to help you get up and running in the first 90 days. This program is designed to help set you up and get your business up and running. It’s based on share, sponsor build. Share the cooking classes and Epicure with your friends and you can earn rewards on food. If you sponsor new teammates who love Epicure you can also earn some cash rewards. With the sponsor if you move up the career plan to new levels you also earn more cash bonuses! If you want to maximize your results feel free to sign up with me or my team!


You earn commission weekly on your sales of Epicure products. Commission starts at 20% but will increase depending on what level you are at . You also get paid weekly every Friday for your commission on the sale of your products. All commissions and everything is subject to change.

Trips, promotions and more

Epicure consultants have the opportunity to earn more bonuses like incentive trips incentives from special contests and more. Some of the past incentive trips have been to Jamaica, Mexico, and Portugal.

Earn with team sales

Building a team is not required you can earn 5% on your team sales at the leader level and higher. (Subject to change)

Lifestyle bonuses

At the Senior Director level and above you can earn lifestyle bonuses from $6000 CAD/ $4,500 USD up to $18,000 CDN / $14,500 USD. These bonuses are divided up and paid monthly. Some other companies give cars or other incentives but Epicure just gives you cash so you can decide what you want to buy!

Epicure Meal
Epicure Meal

Matching Bonuses

When someone on your team promotes you can also earn matching bonuses from $50 and up. The bonuses vary, look at the link below for more information.

Why Join with Anne?

  • Award-Winning Leader
  • Spoken at my last Direct Sales Company National conference
  • I grew my business 90% online before COVID and now 100% online
  • You get training from my amazing upline Linda, 1-1 calls and access to a talented group of leaders
  • Supportive team group across USA and Canada that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys

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Note the Epicure Compensation Plan is subject to change

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