7 Tasks to Grow your Direct Sales Business

Are you looking to grow your direct sales business? Here are some business tips from me that might be helpful! Read on to learn more!

7 Tasks to Grow your Direct Sales Business

Follow up with customers

  • Have you heard of the fortune is in the follow-up? Follow up. Send an email, a pm, to an existing customer and see if they need more of your product. Or give them action and ask them to follow you on a new channel they might not be on already. Eg. You have them in your FB group but you want them to follow you on Instagram. Always try to lead with value!


Don’t just mindlessly scroll through it! Set a timer, eg 5 minutes, and go into Instagram and like and comment on at least 10 photos from your feed. Then go to a hashtag you’re commenting on and like and engage in photos. The secret sauce to Instagram is to engage with others and treat it like another social media channel. Remember to always be social! Here is my Instagram feed if you want to give me a follow!


Meet New People

Look for a new networking activity/or hobby and go join a new group! It can be an in-person group or a FB group but join, make sure it’s something you are passionate about and set a timer to engage.

Book some parties/classes. A lot of direct sales companies have this model for a reason because it’s the fastest way to grow your business. You will get new eyes on your products and make sales!

Remember people a product cause you are solving a solution for them. They want cute pants that might fight them, They need easy meal solutions, always keep that in mind when you are growing your direct sales business.

Take some of your own photos with you in it. Your company is going to provide you with lots of different tools and resources including stock photos or great before and after photos. Your customers want to see you! Grab a friend, or your 6 your old. Whatever you have to do and snap photos of you with the products

Soup photo
Soup photo

Hold a cooking class or party

There is a reason why direct sales companies have this model. It does work! It’s a great way to share your product, meet new customers and expand your business. To learn more about how cooking classes work at Epicure feel free to read more!

Grow your team

Grow your team. Sharing the business As an Independent Consultant with a direct sales company, I truly enjoy helping others create delicious healthy meals they can make in under 30 minutes. I love the company and the amazing team. If you would like to be a part of my team contact me now.!

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