East Coast Donairs are delicious and a popular street food in Halifax and the East Coast of Canada. The meat seasoning is slightly different than a shawarma. Want to make your own? Here is an easy version from Epicure you can make it at home. Will it be good as the East Coast Halifax ones? I’m going to say no, cause nothing beats the authentic East coast Experience.


If you want to make the East Coast Donair donair make it and serve it in on a pita with diced tomato, onions and the sweet sauce. Epicure Donair can also be made with the East Coast Donair sauce.

If you want to make it a west coast gyro (yeer-ohs) you can make it with Greek Tzatziki sauce.

Epicure Donair Sauce

The Epicure version of Epicure Donair Sauce includes roasted garlic aoli sauce.

Donair 3

Epicure Donair Dip

I’ve never made this dip because I would eat the whole thing in one sitting and it would be awkward. But this would be a great dip to have at a Kitchen Party with friends from the East Coast or a large get-together! Get the recipe here!

Donair 4

Epicure Donair Burgers

I’ve made the Epicure Donair burger several times and used the Epicure 3-1 burger press to make perfectly formed patties.

Donair 5

Epicure’s version is gluten-free, nut-free and free of additives of preservatives and artificial colors


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