How to start a Direct Sales Food business

How to start a Direct Sales Food business

Are you looking to start a direct sales food business? You have come to the right blog post.

How is this different than other Food Businesses?

With other food businesses, there are lots of health regulations to protect people’s health and you can’t just make some DIY chicken broth and sell it from your kitchen. You can also rent space in a commercial kitchen but there are also costs associate with that as well. With Epicure you are selling food but you aren’t making it, it ships worldwide and someone else is taking care of everything from the supply chain, production and shipping it. Making your own food and selling can cost a lot more and more risk than a direct sales Business.

Join Epicure

Obviously, as an Epicure Independent Consultant, I’m a bit biased and the first step is to join. Epicure sells healthy gluten-free spices, meal solutions, and time-saving cookware. You can sell Epicure in US and Canada.

Why Epicure vs other food companies?

Epicure has been around for almost 25 years in Canada. Epicure also consumable food products while other direct sales companies forcing on storage solutions, cooking utensils or pots. . How many pots does one person need? (p.s. not that many). With Epicure since it’s a consumable food item, people will run out of and come back to reorder!

Epicure food is 80% vegan, low-sodium, gluten-free, and has a huge list of things that aren’t in our products. The items are there to help people make quick healthy meals and don’t just appeal to bakers.

What’s in the Kit

The kit will give you the supplies you need to get your business started, access to the back office. The start-up fees are low and you do have to sign off on the independent sales representative agreement. (You are not an Epicure employee). The kit will be sent to your home in Canada or US. The kit is on sale for $79 USD and $100 CDN plus shipping and taxes.

What to do next

From there you have instant access to the Epicure office back end, and you have a lot of resources from me and the team to get you started.

Work on Goal Setting

Work with Anne (ahem if you signed up with me or my team) on your goals for your business and how are we going to get there. Eg. Is your goal to make it a full-time job? Or to pay off a washroom renovation we can work on the sales goals and what you need to sell or do to get there.

Who is your ideal client?

Let’s work together on your ideal client. Who are you selling Epicure to? Figuring this out will help set your marketing plan for the future !

Do I have to ship my own products?

No Epicure is taking care of all of this for you by manufacturing, shipping and production. Customers will be able to buy directly from the website and have it shipped to their door.

How does selling work?

Direct sales isn’t for the faint of heart. This isn’t a 9-5 job where you clock in and out or an hourly rate. You have to take ownership of your own work and sell the food and receive a commission for it. The good news is the sky is the limit. You can move up to a different level within the company but a lot of the motivation and work has to come from you.

How do you actually sell?

There are different ways to sell the most popular one is to host a cooking class online, invite a host, and friends and then have a class! Also you can promote it on social media, 1-1 appointments, fundraisers etc. I have a blog post with different ways to sell

Hope this answers the questions of how to start your direct sales business, join Epicure below and looking forward to working with you!

You are not alone

You are an independent sales consultant but not alone. When you join Team Trailblazers you have a team to work with that are doing the same thing

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