Apple Pie spice

The Epicure Apple Pie spice is aromatic cinnamon and sweet spices. It’s great in crumbles, smoothies and lattes!

It’s great for baking and all of Epicure’s products are ethically sourced and wholesome ingredients and in USA and Canada.

What spices are in the Epicure Apple Pie Spice?

They are a mix of cinnamon & nutmeg. Epicure doesn’t add any additives or anything into the products and they are gluten-free.

epicure apple pie spice

Easy Epicure Apple Pie Spice Recipes

apple pie spice

Apple Pie Latte

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DIY Latte anyone? This easy recipe is a perfect treat on a cold day.

Traditional Apple Crisp

Traditional Apple Crisp

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I love delicious apple crisp and the apple pie spice is perfect in it!

Peach & Raspberry Compote

Peach & Raspberry Compote

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Use the Epicure steamer to make this delicious treat!

Apple Pie spice 1

Breakfast Cake Bowl

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I like making individual servings of this for breakfast for my family.

Apple Pie Pancakes

Easy Peasy Apple Pie Pancakes

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Add a little apple pie spice to your pancakes.

Protein Power Petites

Protein Power Petites

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Make some protein bars for a quick snack!


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Can I buy Apple Pie Spice?

Yes you can in Canada and the USA. Check out the shopping links below.

Shop in Canada

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