10 Direct Sales Party themes

direct sales party theme

Are you throwing lots of parties online and trying to figure out some new themes?

Here are some of my favourites

Decade parties

80’s, 90’s, and 2000s parties are a great theme. You can highlight clothes, food, movies and of course your products! Who doesn’t love the 80’s right?

Self-Care Theme

Ah, who doesn’t want to experience a spa party? Do a self-care theme where you pamper yourself! Fun drinks, ways you can do self-care, and invite other friends.

wellness theme party
Wellness theme party photo by Pixistock

Christmas theme

Christmas in July? Or April? Sure! You can do a hilarious theme about holidays. Highlight food, movies, decorations and more.

Christmas theme
Christmas photo by Pixistock

Beach Theme

Pretend you are at the beach! Get out the blankets, bathing suits, treats and drinks that pack well and sunscreen. Soo many fun ideas about the beach that could be a great theme.

Sports Themed

Tailgating party, big game night, basketball themed. There are soo many fun sports themed party ideas you can throw for your direct sales party. I don’t know enough about sports but I did a fun one with NCAA which was super fun.

Travel Themed

Pick a location you love and do a whole theme party on that location! Like the beach theme above I love doing fun ones on places like Scotland that can be fun.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Pick up some popcorn, bring on the show off your knowledge of movies. Pick some popular ones that everyone loves and have seen like Home Alone and Wizard of OZ!

Trivia Themed

Make your party a quiz night and ask them trivia questions! It can be related to your direct sales company or just fun ones that are hard to solve. The winner can earn a prize!

Tea Party

Who doesn’t love tea time? Break out the teas have an afternoon break with your friends and throw a team time party!

Forest /Camping Themes

Do a camping, forest theme! Pretend to go camping, do foods that are easy and fun games that you can only do outside!

What are your favourite party themes?

10 Direct Sales Party themes 3
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