4 Ways to Make Money in Direct Sales

Make Money in Direct Sales

Wondering how you make money in direct sales? Keep reading! There are multiple ways to make money in direct sales.

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  1. Sell the products and earn a commission. This is the biggest one and the number one on any direct sales list and how most people make money. Eg. In my company Epicure we sell gluten-free, healthy spices and the commission starts at 25% and goes up from there up to 33%!. This is how the majority of direct sellers earn money and should be the number 1 way that you start to earn. The commission rates vary per company. I would also recommend you choose a product (ahem like Epicure) that is a consumable product. What does that mean? It means you are going to eat the products and then realize oh I’m out of chili powder and then come back to order more!

2. The big one that you hear the most about is growing and sharing and building a team. Once you start sharing your business with others and building a team there are even opportunities to earn. It varies per company but you can also earn a commission off your team sales. Some companies call these overrides or residual income and this is when you hear of people having large million-dollar businesses it’s from the team building. It’s not mandatory to do this step and sponsor anyone but generally people who sponsor and take this route stay in the business longer. If you want to learn how to do it correctly you are welcome to come to join me on my team.

3. All companies have some sort of compensation plan with the potential to earn a large bonus and rewards. Some companies offer things like a Mercedes or a pink car. Epicure, the company I’m with has a lifestyle bonus that gives you cash once you reach a certain rank. I personally am not attracted to the car bonuses I live in downtown Toronto and don’t own a car and really don’t have a need for it! I would gladly take a cash bonus over a car! With a cash bonus, you can buy whatever you want from a vacation, pay down debt, do a home renovation, or do whatever you need. Other companies might have additional prizes and incentives throughout the year that bring on additional gifts, and prizes that are earned.

ways to make money in direct sales
Cash is key! Photo by pixistock

4. Most companies have a fast start program that provides even more bonuses cash or things you can earn like merchandise. Epicure has an amazing one where you can earn incentives like earn your conference ticket, earn cash back, and product credits.

4 Ways to Make Money in Direct Sales 3


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4 Ways to Make Money in Direct Sales 4

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