Signs you should switch direct sales companies

Signs you should switch direct sales companies

If you are reading this, you are thinking should I switch direct sales companies or leave my network marketing business? Great questions! No one can answer this question but you. Here are some questions to ask that might help you answer them.

You are buying a lot of inventory with little return

I was with an inventory based direct sales company and to be honest I would never do it again. I think direct sales companies and uplines can easily pressure you to buy more inventory with things like you can’t sell from an empty table. It gets dangerous because well you don’t want to be sitting on tons of inventory of clothing, supplements or whatever it is you are selling. One of the primary goals of diret selling is to sell products and make money! Don’t become stuck with inventory and consider moving to a company that you don’t have any inventory. With my current company Epicure they take care of all the shipping for you.


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Red flags – Signs they are going out of business

Have you heard of the term the greater the risk the greater the reward. There are always cool pop-ups and brand new direct sales companies that are starting. Everyone wants to be the first one there to build but what happens if things aren’t going well? If there are rumours that things are bad internally, if you see signs that it might go out of business then it might be time to leave. Eg. A company I was with couldn’t afford to make new clothing and that was their business! That was a huge red flag that cash flow wasn’t right and I knew it was time to leave. It’s best not to wait until they go under and you don’t get your commission cheques.

You feel no passion and it’s a chore

If you are doing it daily and hate it then you might want to leave. If you wake up, it’s a chore and you don’t want to do it anymore, this isn’t the right choice for you! Ask yourself, would you feel relieved that the business is gone? Then it might be time to go.

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You have another opportunity that’s a better fit

Seasons change. You land your dream job and it’s full time, you find another direct sales company that is your passion or you It’s okay to leave and find a new passion project.

Last word

Take the time to feel all the feelings and make the best decision for you. I feel like when I talk to people they know deep down what they want to do but there are so many reasons to stay. Figure out what’s best for you and whatever you choose is the right choice.

If you are looking for a new opportunity

If you are reading this and looking for a new opportunity Epicure might be the answer for you. We don’t have inventory, we sell in Canada and the USA and it’s a consumable product. Take the time to think about where you want to go next. Contact me if this is right for you.

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