Epicure New Consultant training emails – 1

This series is an email series designed for my Epicure team. If you’ve found me but haven’t joined yet, use codeword dream big to join my prospect group for a bonus gift from me when you sign up.

Epicure Training

Congratulations on joining Epicure! Did you know each time someone joins us we do a happy dance!

Whenever your goals are meal planning for yourself, a discount on your food or you want a business that pays bills we can be here to help.

First thing you should do is go look in your email from a welcome email from Head office with all the instructions of how to sign in. Make sure you can sign and take a tour of the back office!

Then pull out your calendar and find a free date in the next week or two for your launch party. Don’t worry, I will help (or the person who sponsored you if you joined my team) get you launched and help craft some posts.

Contact me if you have any questions and don’t forget to join our team page here!

Take care,

Anne Dickson xoxo

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