Epicure Enchilada

Epicure Enchilada

This item can be made in the Epicure Steamer and you use can use black beans or chicken, or ground meat. It has a tomato-based sauce with mild spice. You can serve it with Epicure Guacamole, salsa, and grated cheese.

Our version is much healthier than others and has less sodium, gluten-free, nut-free, and fat. It’s also cheaper per serving. Here is a comparison of ours vs theirs.

Epicure Enchiladas

Here’s another easy meal idea you can make with the enchiladas! turn it into a soup – Get the recipe here

Sweet Potato Enchilada Soup

One more recipe that is easy and delicious is to use the Epicure Enchilada to make rice! Here is the recipe

Enchilada Fried Rice

You can also turn into zoodles as well. Here is the recipe

Enchilada Chicken & Zoodles

Want to change it up you can make pork and chickpea Tostadas. This recipe is delicious and a fun way to change up your meals. I like this recipe because you can make it in 20 minutes or less.

Pork & Chickpea Tostadas

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Enchilada Seasoning Recipe

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