Epicure Round Steamer

Epicure Round Steamer

The Epicure Round Steamer is new for Epicure! This round shape is great for soups, chowders, stews, making bread or a whole chicken! It also has a vented lid.

This item is safe to use and made of FDA compliant food-grade silicone and can be used in a microwave, ovens and also the Epicure steamer is dishwasher safe.

It fits 3.5 L or 14 3/4 cups, and is 13.5 cm or 5 inches high.

Do not use cooking spray on this one or it will void the product warranty!

What is the difference between the round steamer and the rectangular steamer?

  • The round steamer does not come with an insert like the rectangular steamer
  • It might fit into smaller microwaves
  • Some consultants feel it’s sturdier than the larger one
Epicure Round Steamer

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epicure round steamer
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