Joyce O’Brien, Epicure Consultant

Joyce O'Brien Epicure Consultant in Wisconsin

In this blog let’s get to know Joyce O’Brien, an Epicure Consultant in Wisconsin, USA!

Why did you become an Epicure Consultant?

I had no clue but after attending cooking class I discovered the versatility of Epicure!

Where do you live?

Ewe Drop Inn, Southern Kettle Moraine Forest, Wisconsin

What is your favourite Epicure product?

Thai Coconut Soup, but more so the quality silicone bakeware like the Epicure Steamer.

What is your favourite Epicure dinner?

At my home, Epicure is part of every meal

What do you like to do for fun?

Ukulele, quilting, spending time with my grandkids

Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

I’m on a cruise ship with a beverage in my hand, watching the waves.

What is your perfect day like?

Wake @ 4am and enjoy the calm of the mornings

Epicure Consultant

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