Epicure Teppanyaki Sauce Mix

Epicure Teppanyaki Sauce Mix 1

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Epicure Teppanyaki sauce mix is a new taste test item for February 2021. This delicious item is better than take out and will remind you of when we used to be able to eat out at restaurants! (I miss going out and have been homebound because of covid!)

It has soy and sesame seeds, quickly and easily add sweet & salty flavour to all your seasonal mealtimes.

Epicure Teppanyaki Sauce Mix 2

You can make a lot of different things with it. Here are some meal ideas from Epicure Head office that you can make! This is a recipe for Salmon Teppanyaki Poke Bowl. I love a good poke bowl and they can be customized in tons of different ways.

Salmon Teppanyaki Poke Bowl

Here is another easy and delicious meal idea. Make a noodle bowl or the Veggie & Smoked Tofu Soba Noodle Salad

Epicure Teppanyaki Sauce Mix 3

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