Epicure Consultant in Pennsylvania -Jackie Rand

Meet Jackie Epicure Consultant in Pennsylvania

Today’s blog features an amazing consultant Jackie Rand! Jackie lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania and is a joy to be around! Let’s get to know her more below!

Why did you become an Epicure Consultant?

Epicure provides fast, healthy, affordable food options for my family.

What is your favourite Epicure dinner?

General Tao chicken! No takeout needed!

What do you like to do for fun?

Watch true crime tv, travel, concerts, wine tasting.

What is your favourite Epicure product?

Roastes Garlic Aioli it goes with almost everything!

Tell me a fun fact about you.

I like to dance in my kitchen when I’m waiting for a timer to finish. My girls think I’m ridiculous, but they’ll have this as a memory of me forever!!

What is your perfect day like?

Coffee. More coffee. Dog snuggles. Cocktails on the beach. In bed by 9 pm.

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