Why you don’t need inventory with Epicure

Why you don't need inventory with Epicure

One question you might be thinking if you become an Epicure Consultant is do I need inventory? The answer is NO. You don’t need to buy inventory and I recommend you don’t buy any extras! Here is why.

You want to be able to provide the freshest spices, ingredients to your customers. Don’t sell someone a 3 onion spice you have had in your cupboard when they can get a fresh spice from head office!

Epicure does all the shipping for you from their warehouses! Epicure has a warehouse in the USA and Canada and will ship directly to your customer!

The spices/catalogue change every season

Epicure products and catalogues change every season! Another great reason not to have products sitting around is that they will be out of date!

Inventory is expensive

If your goal is to make money then loading up on products that might sell will eat into your profits.

You don’t have to ship anything!

Epicure will ship items for you so it comes from Epicure Head office in BC or in Utah in the USA.

I hope that answers some of your questions about why you don’t need any inventory! If you have any questions about joining Epicure don’t hesitate to reach out.

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