5 Business Tips for Epicure Consultants

5 Business Tips for Epicure Consultants

Are you thinking of starting your Epicure business and not sure where to start? Here are 5 tips for you!

Don’t just sell to friends and family

Can you imagine you opened a brick-and-mortar store? Would you sell to your mom, sister, and best friend? But you start growing your business and selling to new people! The same thing applies here. Work on expanding beyond your immediate network will the key to long-term success in your Epicure business. Focus on networking, holding cooking classes, getting referrals.

Do not run out and stock up on inventory

Use the items in your kit first and definitely try some new products. But do not run out and go buy the whole catalogue for yourself or stock up on inventory. Inventory is not required.

The fortune is in the follow up

Remember there are 1,000s of others selling the same products as you. How do you stand out? Excellent customer service. Make sure to follow up, see if they need anything, easy recipes or more

Income Producing Activities

Focus on things that will make money and are income-producing activities. Are you reaching out and booking and holding classes? Or is it more fun just to make cute graphics in Canva? I’m all for nice graphics but do the things that make money first. Reaching customers, making sales and things that make you money will help you in the end!

Be Consistent

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