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Patricia Epicure Consultant

I love to feature our amazing teammates and today we are featuring one in Green’s Harbour Newfouldand! Today we get to know Patricia Whiteway, an Epicure Consultant.

What are your favourite Epicure Products?

The classics Toasted onion and nourish broth

Why did you decide to become an Epicure Consultant?

I loved some of the products, wanted to try more, figured it was the best way to do and try to make some extra money

What is your favourite thing about being an Epicure Consultant?

Trying new products and trying to help others to try new healthy alternatives

What is your perfect day like?

A quiet day with my family. (Patricia lives beside the Atlantic Ocean! So it’s a peaceful place to be!)

What is your favourite Epicure dinner?


Tell me a fun fact about you.

I love to bake cakes.

If you need an Epicure Consultant in Newfoundland don’t hesitate to contact Patricia!

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