Epicure Feisty Green Sauce

feisty green

Epicure Fiesty Green sauce or Epicure green sauce for short is a creamy and spicy sauce has a nice bite of jalapenos! It is ready in 5 minutes and great with corn on the cob, nourish bowls, poke bowls, sushi, or meat. The blend does contain dairy.

Epicure items are gluten-free and free of preservatives and artificial colours.

This is a seasonal item and is usually only available during the summer months.

Here’s a recipe below of how to make it!

feisty green sauce

More Epicure Fiesty Green Recipes

There are a lot of things you can make with the fiesty green sauce including a power bowl! Packed with quinoa, broccoli and spinach this bowl is easy to make with our steamer and the fiesty green makes a great sauce. Get the recipe here

fiesty green power bowl

The sauce also goes well on baby potatoes! It adds a bit of kick and pairs well with Epicure gravy. Get the recipe here for smashed potatoes.

smashed potatoes

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