Epicure Red Pepper Jelly

Epicure red pepper Jelly

The most popular product is back! This condiment is a mix of red peppers, vinegar, sugar and pectin. It’s great with charcuterie boards.

Epicure items are free of artificial colours, preservatives, and gluten-free and nut-free. It’s sodium and sugar conscious and made of ethically sourced ingredients.

A delicious recipe you can make that uses red peppery jelly is this chickpea salad. Check out the recipe here.

red pepper jelly

The red pepper jelly is delicious with meatballs! Here’s an easy recipe you can make.


Here’s a recipe you can make with Red Pepper Jelly – Asian Beef & Pineapple Kebabs

asian beef and pineapple

Red pepper jelly can be used on a whole chicken or chicken breasts. Here’s a recipe you can make for Sunday dinner. Get the recipe here

red pepper jelly

This salad is perfect for lunch and good for leftover chicken. Get the recipe

easy lunch salad

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