Epicure Smokin’ BBQ Sauce


New for Summer 2021 is Epicure Smokin’ BBQ Sauce! This item is great for the summer and can be used as a wet rub or dry.

It has a mild smoky flavour with a dark coffee notes, sweet fruity acidity and a little kick of heat. (To be honest I tasted zero heat!)

It’s lower sodium and sugar then other commercially prepared sauces.

The leftovers can be frozen and reused.

Epicure items are available in USA and Canada. Stock up today on this new product!

Epicure Smokin' BBQ Sauce 1

Veggie Burger

Epicure Smokin' BBQ Sauce 2

Steak & Veggies

Epicure Smokin' BBQ Sauce 3

BBQ Burger


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Epicure Smokin' BBQ Sauce 6

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