Epicure Tuscan Burger Seasoning

Tuscan chicken burger

The Epicure Tuscan Chicken Burger is asummer favorite! Not just for burgers this mix can have a taste of rosemary, garlic tomatoes and a Mediterranean flavour. It’s great for vegetarians and can go on portabello mushrooms as well! Epicure items are ethically sourced, have wholesome ingredients, and are gluten-free and nut-free.

I personally love to use the Epicure chicken seasoning on kebabs and grill them. Here are some of the recipes you can make with Epicure Tuscan Chicken Seasoning.

One jar will make 24 burgers.

Tuscan grilled salmon

Tuscan Grilled Salmon

Tuscan meatballs

Tuscan Meatballs

roast chicken

Roast Chicken

grilled Tuscan sandwich

Grilled Tuscan Sandwich

grilled caprese chicken

Grilled Caprese Chicken

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