Red Garlic Topper

Red Garlic Ail Rouge

Epicure Red Garlic Topper is back! Epicure products are ethically sourced and from wholesome ingredients. It is a great alterative to salt and a salt-free topper blend to give dishes an extra flavour. It can go on chicken wings, tomato soup, garlic bread or potatoes.

Here are some of the recipes you can make with red garlic topper.

Do you love Hamburger helper? Here is one you can make with Epicure’s red garlic topper.

hamburger helper

This grilled pizza also looks delicious as well! Get the recipe here

grilled summer pizza

This delicious pasta with shrimp is another favourite you can make! Get the recipe here

Red Garlic Topper 1

My personal favourite with red garlic topper blend is to add it to grilled corn in the summer. It’s so tasty!!

red garlic topper

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