How I won top awards at my direct sales company

how i won top awards at my direct sales company

Last month was my companies Conference and at the Gala (this year online due to COVID) I won several awards including 3 Top Sponsoring in my Company, 2 – Top Rookie Leader in Personal Sponsoring, A spot on the advisory board (top12), and a spot on the diversity and inclusion committee which I founded.

I’ve been getting tons of questions from the field on my success and how people can achieve it for their business. I thought I would make a blog post and share some of my secrets.


Network Marketing/Direct Sales is not for the faint of heart. It’s not a 9-5 salary position where you can clock and clock out. The answer is mindset. Mindset is 95% of the business and maybe 5% strategy. Every day I focus on mindset before anything else and I have a Business Coach that I work with Hina Khan. If you want to join her free group you can do it here – Please make a note that Anne Dickson sent you.

Get up early

During the toughest times during the COVID pandemic when I was remote learning with small children, I was still achieving amazing things in my business. How was I doing this? Time management. I had little time but knew what I needed to do in that short period of time. I also got up early (slowly from 6 am to 5 am) to get work done before school started and I wouldn’t be able to get work during the day. It was a shift with going to bed earlier, not watching Netflix and slowly shifting my morning earlier but now I can get a lot of work done before anyone even gets up!

Do the training in your back office and from your upline

Most companies will provide you with some training on the products and ways to grow your business. If you have an awesome upline or mentor who sponsored you like me you also get tons of training and meetings to get you up and running. Take advantage of it and do the training!

Solve People’s Problems

Direct Sales is not about you. It’s about solving other’s problems. In my industry I sell food and I’m helping people find easy meals that help make their life easier. If you sell oils, what problems are you solving? Or clothes? Figure out how you help others.

Do the work everyday

There is no magic bullet, you will not become an overnight success overnight. Keep doing the work over and over again even when you feel like you aren’t seeing results. The little actions will add up!

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