Epicure Consultant in Minnesota

Meet Jennifer Epicure Consultant

Meet Jen Unger, an Epicure Consultant in Minnesota USA.

Why did you become an Epicure Consultant? What is your why?

I joined Epicure because I was seeking out new meal options and Epicure incorporated all the things I need! Gluten free! Low sugar and salt! Flavorful! Quick and easy! And I love their kitchen tools! It really was a no brainer that I needed to sign up as a consultant to get the discount and to share with everyone!

What is your favourite part about being an Epicure Consultant?

Eating! And finding new ways to share with others!

What is your favourite Epicure product?

Multipurpose Steamer – I’ve never used my microwave so much to cook meals and it’s incredibly FAST!

What is your favourite Epicure dinner?

Just one? Right now it’s General Tao. But I love when new flavors come out so I can mix things up and not get stuck in a rut! Epicure puts it right in my fingertips!

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy nature, roller blading, Netflix binging, craft beer, and tropical locations! I work in healthcare by day and live this crazy life by night!

What is your perfect day like?

Morning coffee. Time outside with my family (bonus if we are on the beach). Evening by a fire. Can I squeeze in a pedicure?

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