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epicure consultant victoria

Are you looking for an Epicure Consultant in Victoria BC? Meet Anna Milne! Anna is a local and Epicure Head office is also located there! Read more about her and contact her to shop, join or learn more.

Why did you become an Epicure Consultant? What is your why?

I felt blah in the kitchen, need some excitement and find my joy for cooking again. I also coach women around food struggles and meal Planning and epicure is the perfect fit

What is your favourite part about being an Epicure Consultant?

The support, the team, the never feeling you are alone.

What is your favourite Epicure dinner?

Sweet and sour Stir fry

What is your favourite Epicure product?

Sesame Ginger Dressing

Tell me a fun fact about you.

I have travelled and volunteered around the world, from the US to Mexico to India to Africa. And a few places in between.

anna epicure consutlant bc

What is your perfect day like?

Wake up 🙂 coffee sitting and journal. Have some outside time. Work until about 1pm and go off with my daughter for lunch and explore where we live. Work for a bit when we get home, and have supper together.

Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

6 Months I am setting to goal to be a Leader

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