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direct sales book

At our Epicure online conference (because we could not attend and Montreal), I was honoured to win two major awards number 2 for the top rookie leader in Personal sponsoring 2021 in #3 for the top sponsor in the whole company. It was an honor to have one of these awards and to be included in a spot on the Advisory Board of Epicure. The Advisory Board is the top 13 consultants. I also founded the diversity equity inclusion committee, and I have to say the last year despite all the challenges of with goal weight has been a remarkable year.

I have been asked by many how I’ve managed to become successful and how I’ve done it all. And I’m happy to say that I was preparing for this moment, and I wrote it all down in a book. That’s right in my spare time between business, the global pandemic, and children I wrote a book! I’m releasing a book! I get asked a lot for help but I usually have this decline because I’m struggling with online learning with small children but I’m so excited that everything will be in a book so I can now tell people here are all my secrets read my book.

I also was an Editor at a publishing company in my first job out of university, so I’m really excited to use those skills again and explore the publishing world.

At the stage of this blog post, my book is with my editor, and I imagine it will go through multiple drafts, but I’m excited to announce that it will be coming out. This will outline some of my secrets to success how I’ve grown my business while remote learning with two small children.

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I feel like the book is just the beginning, and I’m so honored that I have found my path. my epicure basis in the direct sales business has been such a gift and I’m excited to share!

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