Epicure Consultant Texas

Come meet Jennifer Bradburry, an Epicure Consultant in McKinney Texas!

Why did you become an Epicure Consultant? What is your why?

I was a consultant with another company for five years and left to go back to school and get my real estate agent license. After starting my real estate business, I realized how much I missed the direct sales community. So I’m back! 🙂

What is your favourite part about being an Epicure Consultant?

I absolutely love the product. Clean food that I don’t feel guilty feeding my family! And the compensation plan is great as well!

What is your favourite Epicure dinner?

Alfredo is my family’s favorite right now. My son Connor says it tastes better than the restaurants Mom!

Tell me a fun fact about you.

My husband and I were married at Disney World! We are huge Disney nerds!

What is your perfect day like?

Perfect day is a family day at Disney! See I told you! 😉

Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

I will be a leader with Epicure!

Come Find Jennifer here!

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