What do Epicure Consultants make?

what percentage do epicure consultants make?

The short answer is 25% commission on your sales as a base. Consultants can make up to 33% on personal sales.

How to get started

To become a consultant you need to purchase a kit for $99 USD or $125 CDN. There are no monthly fees and a small insurance fee that you will pay in January every year. After that are no inventory requirements. Interested in signing up click here

What are the minimum requirements?

In order to be an active consultant, you will need 250 QV in sales in one month, every three months. So the example you sign up in August and sell 250, if you don’t sell 250 in September and October you would still be active. BUT that’s the bare minimum. You make 25% commission off your sales.

Are there bonuses?

In your fast start period (the first three months of being an Epicure Consultant) there are more cash and product bonuses you can earn. Eg. if you host 4 qualified cooking classes in the first month you will receive a $100 CDN product credit. You can also earn a free conference registration and cash bonuses.

I routinely host my own cooking classes and earn free products that my family and I use. 

What percentage do consultants make?

You start at 25% and if you sell more than $2,000 a month you make an extra 3%. 

But as you share with others and help others share the good food movement as you move up with Epicure on the compensation plan. Your commission rate will change to become higher. It changes from 25% to 28% and at the leadership at 30%.

So can I make money with Epicure?

Yes! Yes, you can but it comes down to really what your goals are and if you want to have a business or just get your own Epicure products at 25% off. 

Here is the compensation plan


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What do Epicure Consultants make? 1
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