Epicure Cocktails

Are you looking for Epicure Cocktails or Mocktails?

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Here are some easy recipes

Pina Colada!

Epicure has released a limited edition Pina Colada recipe. This simple recipe uses crushed pineapple and can be made into a mocktail.

pina colada

There are some other delicious recipes you can make including a Mango Lassi Slushie, Hibiscus Bliss Margarita Lite, and Black and Blue G&T. The Mango Lassi Slushie uses mango lassie mix, and the two tea blends use tea simple syrup. Check out the recipes below.

cocktail recipe

You can purchase this collection to make your own cocktails for a limited time at Epicure

mocktails and cocktails collection

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Want some easy recipes?

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