What is an Epicure Sponsor?

When you sign up for Epicure you need to sign up with a sponsor. The sponsor will help you get started, train, and direct you to the right resources. There are 1000s of consultants… how do you choose one?

Do they provide training?

Does the sponsor provide training? There is training available from the head office but the sponsor and their team should also have training for you as well. My team has weekly training for new consultants, training each week, and a huge resource base of training modules for you. We will set you up for success and help you launch your business.

Do they have experience?

Is the sponsor or the leader on their team experienced? Do they have any marketing experience or are they telling you to sell to your family?

I’m a leader in the online space and have a background in direct marketing. I also sell Epicure full-time and am the #3 sponsor in the whole company in 2021 and #9 in 2022. My team and I are there to help. Whenever it’s online, offline, or vendor events I’m here to help.

Are they pressuring you to buy inventory?

If someone is pushing you to buy inventory don’t. There is no need to buy physical inventory if you are with a company that ships directly to the seller. Epicure ships items from the USA to US customers and from BC to Canadian customers.

epicure ceo
Me with my daughter and the CEO of Epicure

Are they loyal to the company?

One trend I see is people who are with multiple companies. If they are with several companies are they really committed to one or just planning on leaving? Look for signs like are going to company training, planning on staying etc.

If you are looking for an Epicure Sponsor my team and I are here to help!

As an Epicure Director, I have grown my team to over 100 in less than two years. I founded the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, sit on the advisory board of top 12 consultants, and #3 in sponsoring and #2 rookie leader of the year. I work at Epicure full time and would love to help you!

I hope that helps answer your question of what is an Epicure sponsor! We look forward to getting to know you and having you join the team!

Epicure Director
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