Epicure Dijon Tarragon

Epicure Dijon Tarragon is a delicious salad dressing you can make now!

Epicure makes easy salads that you can make at home. It makes 2 cups compared to the store-bought salad dressing. These salads are straight from the pantry.

Dijon Tarragon can make a creamy salad dressing or dip. It has a flavour of tarragon and tangy Canadian mustard seeds.

Epicure is a fast-growing, family-founded direct sales company delivering high-quality seasoning blends, meal solutions, and cookware. Epicure is passionate about helping busy people make healthy, delicious, and affordable meal solutions.

What is Dijon?

Dijon Mustard comes from France and us made from brown mustard seeds. It originates from Burgandy France according to wikipedia

Epicure Dijon Tarragon recipes

Wondering what to make with this salad dressing? Here are some appetizing recipes you can make today.

Dijon Tarragon chicken would be wonderful on a warm day. Get the recipe here

epicure dijon dressing

Another inviting recipe is the warm winter salad. With eggs, cucumber, and tuna this warm salad will be in your regular rotation. Get the recipe here You can cook the potatoes in the Epicure steamer for this recipe or on the stovetop.

eijon tarragond ressing
Epicure Dijon Tarragon Dressing Mix

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