How do Epicure Consultants get paid?

commission based sales

Thinking about joining Epicure? Let’s find out how you get paid!

Epicure Consultants (now Epicure ambassadors) are independent and even know they have they get paid based on commission. The starting commission is 25% on all sales. Eg. You are a consultant and sell 100 dollars you will make 25 dollars off that sale.

The commission rate can go up to 5% if you sell over 2,000 that month and then depending on your leadership of where you are you can move up to 28% or 30% commission.

There are other bonuses you can earn at a fast start, as you grow a team or more. Contact me for more information. You are not guaranteed a salary since consultants are commission-based sales.

You will get paid directly to your bank account every Friday.

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