How do I get people to buy Epicure?

how do i get people to buy epicure?

A common question I got for people wanting to buy Epicure is how to get people to buy epicure?

The question should be how do I help people solve a problem they have?

Think about it from their perspective.

I don’t have time to cook

For example, a busy mom who doesn’t have time to cook. She is thinking about how can I get a meal on the table quickly, bonus if it’s healthy because I don’t want to get takeout.

Epicure products can help solve that. Think of a way to help people that need that solution! Eg. I recommend the Mexican kit because it’s so easy and combined with the steamer they can make a meal in 20 minutes.

easy fajitas
Easy fajijtas

They have food allergies

Do you know people that are struggling with food allergies, they don’t know what’s in their products? Epicure has a solution for that! We have an extensive list of things that aren’t in our products and are. Contact me for more information.

They want an easy meal plan

Epicure has meal plans and you can show them ways they can cut time out of their schedule by using our meal plans and the grocery list. This will save them time, and be valuable! Check out the meal plans here

They need a gift

Be a solution to their problem.

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