Epicure Catalogue 2022

Epicure Catalogue 2022 1

Looking for the Epicure Catalogue for 2022?

The new catalogue is here!

Here are some of the new items!

My newest favourite is Epicure Ramen broth. Ramen noodles are a popular dish in Korea and Japan and can be made with lots of differentingridents. I recommend adding some salt to it if you want it to taste more like what you are familiar with a at a Korean restaurant.


Epicure Easy Peasy Bolognese is a vegan protein you can make at home. Great for vegans, meatless Monday it’s made out of pea protein. Amazing on pasta, in stuffed peppers and more.

vegan meat

Another new favourite that has come to Epicure is tropical chicken! This one was a winner at my house! It was a sheet pan meal you can make by adding the sauce, peppers and chicken on. You can easily use tofu or a different meat and it would be great as a stir fry or glaze on meat as well.

tropical chicken

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