Best Direct Sales Companies 2022

Looking for a Direct Sales company to join in 2022?

There are many direct sales companies to choose from but the one I recommend is Epicure.

I’m biased as an independent consultant but there are tons of perks including

  • Established company that has been around for 25 years but new to the USA. Came to the USA in 2009 and incredible growth opportunity.
  • Consumable products. Epicure sells healthy spices, cookware and meal solutions.
  • No monthly website fees
  • Get paid weekly.
  • Pretty cool upline (me) with tons of training and the top recruiter in Canada for 2021 (two in Canada)

Contact me if you want to look for the best direct sales company in the USA or the best direct sales company in Canada.

DISCLAIMER – I can not guarantee any income, this opportunity is commission-based sales.

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