Join Epicure for $0!

Join and get the Business Kit for $0 down with the option to earn it for FREE in the first month! The business kit is usually $99 US or $125 Canadian but for January 2022 you get an amazing deal!

Join Epicure for $0!

How it works

  1. Join Epicure and pay the shipping in the month of January. Join here in Canada or here in the USA.

2. Start your business and get started with training with Anne and more!

3. Close at least 4 cooking classes by February 28th and earn it for free! A cooking class is a minimum of 4 orders and $250 dollars each.

Join Epicure

A few notes

If the above is not met, you will need to pay $99 USA or $125 Canadian. This offer is only for January 1-30, 2022.

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